Driftwood Reunion Weekend At Club Deception

Okay kids, I am interjecting some additional thanksgiving love into the blog today to give you some info and news about what is … HANDS DOWN … the Gay Event Of The Year in Huntington, West Virginia.  I am saying this was The Event Of The Year and I even promoted a couple of my own.

Davey Boy and legendary entertainer Kiana Thoms

The Driftwood Reunion Weekend at Club Deception brought out the true Huntington Royalty and laid it out thick for the children to witness.  If you have not been on stage for 10 years or more and have not been out there fighting the good fight in our community then you have no right to call yourself the elite.  If you are just walking into the scene, you owe every entertainer on that stage more debt and gratitude than you can ever imagine.  These people were the ones who fought for the right for you to be able to go on gay dates in public.  These are the people who took the beat down so you could hold your same-sex partner’s hand while walking across campus.  These are the people who we owe everything to and who and what you should aspire to become yourself!

I know that every time I walk on stage, I am in the public limelight as a vocal member of the gay community of this area and have a responsibility to do whatever I can to ensure that not only everyone is having a good time, but also that I am not doing anything to shame the community and bring bad juju on us.  I also know there are members of our community who will never hit the stage that are out, loud, and proud activists who also deserve our respect.

Davey Boy and the legendary Julia DeVille

Watching the slide shows during the performances last night reminded me (at least) that we have forgotten who and what we are in the Huntington, West Virginia area…and what we are is a community.  Yes, we all have our businesses and personal ventures we want to build up and promote, but we should not do this by tearing down the hard work of our fellow members of the community.  Seeing photos from the various clubs and nightspots from Huntington’s past and present all represented made me feel good about who I am and the community I am part of.  There are enough people who hate us out there to wrap ourselves up in continuing the bickering, in-fighting, and back stabbing that goes on.

I will stand off my soap box and present you the photo gallery from part of the show last night.  I want to thank Kiana Thoms and Erica Heart for working with Jayda Colby to bring the biggest and best night of home grown entertainment the Tri-State has seen in a very fucking long time.

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Here is a complete list of all of the performers…

Friday 11/02/2012

  • Erika Hart – Ronica Reed (tribute)
  • Kiana Thoms – Cassandra Blake (tribute)
  • Hellen Hart – Trixie Dailey (Tribute)
  • Desireé & Angelica- Female strippers Ladies of Desire
  • Becka (Jagger Angel) – Tammy Horn (tribute)
  • Kenny B Momma Queen (tribute)
  • Bubbles
  • Julia Deville – Collage (tribute) 
  • Heather Monroe – Misi Heater (tribute)
  • Pootilicous
  • Mirage A-Ray
  • Jenita Jo
  • Spritz

Saturday 11/03/2012

  • Erika Hart – Ronica Reed (tribute)
  • Kiana Thoms – Cassandra Blake (tribute)
  • Dee Dee Warwick
  • Jillian Danner
  • Hellen Hart – Trixie Dailey (tribute)
  • Rachel Armani
  • Julia Deville – Collage (Tribute)
  • Vanessa Jackson
  • Cherri Baum
  • Ieta Cock – Joe Stone (tribute)
  • Nate (Drag King) – Misi Heater (Tribute)
  • Priscilla Carlo – Tammy Horn (Tribute)
  • Jenita Jo
  • Jayda Colby

Here are links to the video montages that were shown throughout the evening:

Bravo for a night well done and enjoy the photos….