Dec 16

I Can’t Believe I Am Making Another Nash Grier Post

Nash Grier, homophic "Vine Star" kisses Canadian music artist, Shawn Menendes...pretty bold move for someone who throws around the word "FAG" so liberally.

Nash Grier, homophic “Vine Star” kisses Canadian music artist, Shawn Menendes…pretty bold move for someone who throws around the word “FAG” so liberally.

So, Nash Grier got called out for his homophobic Vine post several months back (see my post here).  Now, apparently, the kid has a movie deal on the table (read more here), but the studio is extremely concerned regarding his history of homophobic slurs; therefore, he is on a PR bender to help clear his name.  Nash Grier has just published a letter in the Huffington Post Gay Voices column (which you can read here) that is nearly one of the most insulting things I have ever read that tried to play itself off as serious.

The simple truth of the matter is that Nash Grier is an evil person. There is a difference between an apology and being truly repentant at heart. If you truly wish to repent for your sins, you don’t harp on your accomplishments and toss even a portion of the blame off on others.

In the article, Nash Grier fully admits the faults of his past have hurt his bottom line today…this is where his apology comes from, not from being truly sorry for what harm he has done.

When this young man comes forward with a truly repentant heart, then we can open up a dialogue

Repentance is admitting fault and moving forward, not making excuses and blaming others for stirring up old flames. Admit it and suffer the consequences of your actions if this is really something that bothers you so bad. Man up and accept your blame without tossing off the problem that someone else re-posted something old.

I posted these thoughts on the NOH8 Campain’s Facebook page (see the post and comments here), and received the following reply from a user:

Read it again. He apologised sincerely from himself as well as for the repost. He has accepted it. You should to and move the fuck on. (sic)

My response to that is that I have read it three times now. I am not stupid. I am capable of formulating an adult reaction based on his words. He took ample time to avert the blame to others for bringing up a video he removed. Again, the line between repentance and apology is thin and in Nash Grier’s case….he is attention seeking and pandering for acceptance from the GLBT audience rather than issuing words that are truly apologetic and remorseful.

BTW, I will “move the fuck on” when I no longer live in America and have Freedom of Expression under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, which grants us the opportunity to say whatever we so chose, but does not defend us from the repercussions of our words. In Nash’s case, he has not done enough to even have gained an appreciation for his work.

Nash Grier is just a punk kid who is seeking to pander to a demographic and needs to grow up.  A real man repents a child apologies.

You, Nash Grier, are the only one to blame. Accept that, then come to the table and talk.

Dec 15

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

Hello all you happy campers…it is a couple of weeks until Christmas so I wanted to start my Christmas gifts to you all early!  My first gift to you is the public domain movie, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians from YouTube:

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is a 1964 science fiction film that regularly appears on lists of the worst films ever made. The movie was directed by Nicholas Webster, and it stars John Call as Santa Claus. It also includes an 8-year-old Pia Zadora playing the role of one of the Martian children and also marks the first documented appearance of Mrs. Claus in a motion picture, played by Doris Rich.

You can read much more about this movie on WikiPedia and IMDB.  You can purchase this high quality film on Blu-Ray from here.

Sit back and enjoy one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time!!!

Nov 30

The Library Is Open On Sunday

The library is open and you are about to be read…  

Amazon Social ButtonThe excitement over Amazon deliveries happening on Sundays and Holidays by the same damned people bitching about retail workers having to work on Thanksgiving.  Get real people…you can’t get all excited because your mail order items are delivered a day earlier and complain that you have to work during our national gluttony fest.

The American society pushed for a quicker and more fast paced way of life…and having to work through holidays and weekends is one of the prices we will have to pay for this.  You can’t have it both ways people.

So, remember to be very thankful when you receive your Christmas presents just a little earlier this year and remember there are United States Postal Service workers who are being taken away from their families at inconvenient times to help make your life easier.

I will now hop off my cross because Jesus needs the wood.  Happy Lord’s day and love each other.

Jan 18

Real Life NAPSTER Project

Real Life NAPSTER Project

Real Life NAPSTER Project

I have often said that sometimes older technology is better technology, in terms that developers used to take the time to create products that are user friendly and did what the user wanted/needed them to do.  Nowadays, products are developed to help show us how to do our day-to-day tasks in a more efficient manner – completely disregarding the wants, needs, and desires of the end user for the most part.

I think we need to devolve back into thinking “real” and “authentic” in 2014.  I remember when cyberlife was more about sharing ideas and concepts and not broadcasting them.  Back when if you wanted to share ideas, you signed up for geocities and learned HTML code and built a website that was painfully disgusting to look at, but proclaimed to the world your ever loving appreciation for gun collecting, ascii art, or Shania Twain.  I remember back when we took time to share of ourselves and our thoughts and were not so concerned with condensing our passions into a 140 character Tweet.

I have a new idea to try out… In the vein of being “real” and “authentic” in 2014, let’s venture beyond our computer screens to social network shall we?

One of the greatest old school technologies that was grossly misunderstood was Napster.  Back in the day, when file exchanging was as simple as breathing the air around us, I had more music than you could shake a stick at…but…not all of it was because of the Peer To Peer trading protocol.  Back when it was simple to trade music files, I would listen to music and find what I liked and what I didn’t like.  This would spur me to actually purchase and support the artists I liked.  I was not there to freeload and mooch – quite honestly, most of the Napster community was not all about free music.  We knew that we must get out and financially support the artists we liked or they would not be able to make more new product for us to enjoy.

I propose we start getting more “real’ and “authentic” again and share our passions, but let’s do it in a way that gets us away from our computer monitors and smartphone screens and gets us out into the real world!  Thus…the REAL LIFE NAPSTER PROJECT has been launched.

Here’s the plan, I am creating fun custom music mixes and DYI artwork to do some literal file sharing!  Send me something fun, unique, or random like a handwritten letter, a mix CD, or an arts and crafts project to my PO Box and make sure to include your return address. I will send you something fun and quirky back.

PO BOX 362

I believe 2014 should be all about creating a real world Napster where we all share in real life ways.  Share with me your passions and favorite things, and I will do the same. This could be the start of something fun or a flop. I will send something out to everyone who sends me something.  Let’s build our network of sharing shall we?

Dec 22

All I Want For Christmas Is You

I saw this video posted on my timeline, and have to share with y’all. Smiles and laughs and good times… THAT is what this season is about! Spread your light and make someone smile? Why not? I mean…it certainly beats the alternative!

Thank you to Steve Kardynal for the amazing smiles!!!

Nov 12

Site Update

Okay kids, I have been told that the Facebook commenting was not working on the site.  I believe this situation has been resolved.  Please let me know if you are having any problems posting comments to the site.  Please feel free to post a test comment on this blog entry to see if the service is back up and running for you.

Nov 11

Art Bell Ends His Ride At SiriusXM

Art Bell in the custom studio set up for his short lived Art Bell's Dark Matter on SiriusXM Indie 104

Art Bell in the custom studio set up for his short lived Art Bell’s Dark Matter on SiriusXM Indie 104

I guess all good things must come to an end, but perhaps some good things should let the course of time ride to give the road time to smooth out?  Either way, the revolutionary radio legend Art Bell lasted only around six weeks on his contract with Sirius XM, ending his show called Dark Matter on a rather abrupt note, citing technical issues as the main cause of his departure.

I have been an admittedly off and on subscriber of Sirius XM over the years. I was one of the first subscribers, even before the Howard Stern era.  Currently, I have a dual subscription.  I listen to Sirius XM in my new Kia Soul, as well as listen via the Sirius XM app on my iPhone 4s.  Yes, there is the issue with having to click to continue to listen when streaming the live content over the web; however, all of the issues regarding errors and dropped signal – I personally have never had.  However, I must assume the “thousands” who have had issues are out there.

Personally, I believe there has to be something going on in the background that we are not privy to regarding the departure of Art Bell’s Dark Matter show from the Sirius XM Indie 104 lineup.  I have seen many shows start up on Sirius XM.  At the beginning, things are always a little rocky – I mean, this is a major step in the right direction for broadcasters; however, with all change, things take time to smooth out.  Yes, there are a lot of overland truckers who will call in when a show is new, that’s the nature of the beast, but that will clear out in time.

It is sad to hear that Art Bell has decided to not continue to work with Sirius XM.  I am sure that both sides have had issues they need to work on; however, I refuse to “fault” either side.  I think the situation is, simply put, a big problem not given time to let itself work out.

Art Bell, you will be missed from the Sirius XM line up, but I will not be a fool to purchase another platform to listen to you.  You had your one chance to take my dime and fumbled the ball.  Good luck with your future endeavors.  If it is a free platform to listen, and is easily compatible with my iPhone 4s, I will be there with you – if not…good luck.  As for Sirius XM, keep doing what you are doing and find another fun, late night adventure for us…please?

Oct 31

Davey Boy LIVE At Club Deception

I was honored to be the special guest for Club Deception’s PREHalloween Celebration this year!  I was out and about to help promote the upcoming DownHome Decadence production of Night of the Living Dead and The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Ro-Na Theater in Ironton OH on November 2.

I had so much fun last night.  Thank you for having me! I will be back soon!!!

Jul 15

Are We Really A Bunch Of Racist Pigs After All?

I am sure this blog is going to leave a lot of people with an “OMG how could Davey Boy possibly agree with this verdict” guttural reaction from a lot who read it, but I would invite you to slow down and take in the meaning of what I am trying to say here.  This blog is not a comment about the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman Trial, this is a commentary about the state of the world and a question of why we are allowing the media to perpetuate the absolute worse attributes of the American Spirit.  I am deeply saddened that Trayvon Martin was killed.  I am deeply saddened that George Zimmerman was in a position where he felt this was the best course of action.  That said, I must have faith that the jury in this case made the best decision they could based on the evidence provided them.  I did not, nor did any of you (save for a possible 6 who might read this), witness this trial from the exact perspective of one of these jurors; therefore, we have no way of knowing how we would have voted – unless any of us would have knowingly went into being a juror in this case biased, which is an illegal action in of itself.

Harvey Levin of TMZ tweeted earlier today.

Harvey Levin of TMZ tweeted earlier today.

Harvey Levin; American television producer, lawyer/legal analyst, and founder of celebrity gossip website TMZ, has sent out a Tweet stating “If Trayvon Martin were White and Zimmerman Black & facts were same & Zimmerman found not guilty, would the ppl protesting be celebrating?” which really does open up an amazing dialogue that must be explored.  The question is simple, “Is the American conscious more concerned with acting out based on emotion rather than digging into the actual facts of issues at hand?” or more simply, “Are we really a bunch of racist pigs after all?

There is a seeming epidemic of obvious hypocrites running amuk on Social Networking sites of late, and I will stand firm in my argument that this is causing more harm than good!

Over the weekend, a photo ran rampant on Social Networking sites from the 50th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California opening by people claiming this was an actively occurring celebration of the life of Trayvon Martin.  The photo was not taken over the weekend; it was taken on May 24, 1987.

I am finding a sick humor in the number of individuals taking to social media shortly after DOMA was declared unconstitutional claiming “gay marriage for all” and “the judicial system is perfect” then the same people taking to the same social networks a couple of short weeks later claiming the “judicial system is broken” and Trayvon Martin was “tried and convicted for being black.

Have we become a society that would prefer knee-jerk emotion over hard hitting fact?

The inability to separate fact from emotion is a major reason we still have such a division in America. In the case of DOMA, the personal opinion of same-sex marriage was set aside and the facts surrounding the forced discrimination by the federal government prevailed, thus a victory! In the case of Trayvon Martin, thus far the emotion is out of control much like when the initial decision came down in the OJ Simpson Trial. We may not “like” the way the jury voted, but that in no way means the judicial system is “broken” by any means. Bad decisions come down all the time. It happens.  Keeping emotions running high about this Zimmerman Trial has been an essential boost to major news network’s recent increase in ratings…

Take a moment, breathe, and separate emotion from fact and oftentimes things are not as black and white as they initially seem.  Speaking of black and white, this is a very racially charged issue and the media seems to be pounding this into the social conscious…are we really a country attempting to make “CHANGE” and working toward “HOPE” of a better tomorrow of an elevated social conscious where we are really all equal or are we a sitting heap of mush willing to allow the mass media of the day manipulate our thought process and allow racial, social, and gender issues to fester so the talking heads continue to have something to talk about to bring in ratings?

I would like to think that our society is smarter than this…but lately I am starting to wonder… starting to wonder indeed!