Caitlyn Jenner Illuminates Prejudice In Supporters

This has to be said…

Caitlyn Jenner is just another woman in this world. Yes, I fully support Bruce Jenner’s transition from world-class Olympic athlete to super model cover girl named Caitlyn Jenner. However, the question begs to be answered…if we must accept and be happy for the transition part of her life, then why are we allowed to criticize her for her political choices?

opinion found on facebook

Opinions are like assholes, everyone is entitled to one; however, close minded opinions are the root cause of the problem.

The fact of the matter is – Caitlyn Jenner is a Republican woman now, this is the reality we must accept. Double standards are prejudice and are the problem with the modern American Society today. Until we remove double standards and as long as we are allowed to criticize individuals on things like “politics” and “religion” but must remain hands off on topics like “gender” and “sexual orientation” and “race” we will continue to fail in our efforts to become a more tolerant society.

If you truly believe in the concept of tolerance and acceptance, you must believe that tolerance and acceptance both have no quantifiers – NONE.

The screenshot attached to this article is from a posting that appeared on my Facebook timeline. The simple truth of the matter is what some deem as “decisions” are in reality “actualities” of one’s life.  What if I told you that I believe there are more than just “boys” and “girls” in this world?  What if I told you I believe I live in this grey area?  Would you look at my any different?  If so, why?

As long as individuals feel it is okay to judge others on any concept whatsoever (other than legal issues), the problem of the greater good will continue to flourish and thrive.  Your morals do not matter in my life – that is a fact!  As long as simple minded people continue to perpetuate the concept that all individuals of one core of thought are “good” and all individuals of other cores of thought are “bad” – the problem of the greater good will stand strong.

In regard to the criticism that Caitlyn Jenner is receiving for self-identifying as a Conservative Republican, it is a bold face lie to say that Conservatives stand to deny same-sex couples of marriage rights.  Anyone who believes the government should regulate who can or cannot marry who is quite literally a Liberal – and the problem with our societal breakdown and a major wedge in the great divide of peace and love in our society. Further, if you believe the government should have any intervention at all into the marriage process, you are contributing to the problem.

Marriage is a concept of love and trust between two people – it is not a governmental identification for individuals to key in their tax burden, that is what a Civil Union is.  This is a fact – get over it.  The Government of the United States of America is intervening in the affairs of the hearts of its citizenry as long as they continue to meddle in the matter of marriage.

When Patti Davis, daughter of President Ronald Reagan, was asked what her father’s stance on same sex marriage would be, she speculated, “I (also) think because he wanted government out of people’s’ lives, he would not understand the intrusion of government banning such a thing. This is not what he would have thought government should be doing.” I believe she is absolutely correct.
The lesson of today is we must love and accept everyone as they are and the world would be a far better place.

If you do not believe in liberty and justice for ALL (no quantifiers other than legal implications) – you are the problem.  Thank you Caitlyn Jenner for illuminating the problem is alive and well on both ends of the spectrum.

Rush Limbaugh Bombs In Boston

The fact that the once radio powerhouse Rush Limbaugh has completely bombed out in Boston must certainly open the eyes of Americans everywhere that the times they are a changing.

Rush Limbaugh dumped from Boston radio market (again).

Rush Limbaugh dumped from Boston radio market (again).

The Rush Limbaugh Radio Show was airing on WRKO in the Boston, Massachusetts  market until Premier Networks were unable to come to an agreement with Limbaugh’s distribution company,

We were unable to reach agreeable terms for The RUSH LIMBAUGH Show to continue on WRKO. A final broadcast date will be announced in the near future. RUSH LIMBAUGH airs daily in every measured media market in AMERICA, and we look forward to announcing exciting news for our BOSTON listeners soon.
~ Premier Radio Networks Press Release

I will readily admit that this Conservative Boy used to be an avid listener of El Rushbo during his prime; however, I have grown to realize that the radio station may be broadcasting sounds through the “Golden EIB Microphone” but there is not a lot of meaningful content to back up the noise emitting through the transmitter.

All I can say is stay on the good side of IHeartMedia Mr. Limbaugh, otherwise your ship will sink!  You should have just came over to SiriusXM when offered.  You would not have had to worry about ratings and revenue.  You would have pulled in subscribers from the zombie pool you call your audience.  Things would have been better off for you.  You are a relic, and your time to be cherished on the prime pedestal is about to be relegated to finding you a spot in the broom closet with the other chipped and damaged remnants of times long gone.

Welcome to America, where everyone has Freedom Of Speech, even to say very stupid things and where the almighty American Dollar flowing to stupid people can quickly dry up effectively drying up the stupid’s access to open communication with the masses.  God Bless America and Good Night Rush Limbaugh. 

Tyce Green Has That Magic Touch

OMG!  It is not often that I can even tolerate a cover of a Meat Loaf song much less really enjoy it to the point of writing a blog that says you MUST listen to a new version of a classic song.

On May 5, 2015, there was a tribute to Jim Steinman at the New York City nightclub/venue 54 Below called Total Eclipse.  A young singer named Tyce Green took the stage to sing the iconic Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman legendary anthem Bat Out Of Hell.  Not only did the kid sing it, but he grabbed the bike by the balls and totally made this classic song his own.

Check out this over the top performance and be prepared to fall in love with this Tyce Tysong all over again!  Everyone…watch for this name…TYCE GREEN…this is not the last you will hear this name!

The Internet Trolls Are Out In Full Force Today


I woke up this morning mind set on making sure I put fingers to the keyboard and wrote a blog entry.  While checking through my Facebook feed, I saw the spark to the flame for what is a well deserved rant.

I will fully admit…I like to type with ellipses, which may not convey the best grammar style, but at least I do not visually offend the masses by typing out posts, which read like ghetto queen text messages meant for your boo thing to set up the hook up.  This morning, while scrolling through my Facebook feed, an individual’s post to the Meat Loaf Facebook Page screamed at me like a sad puppy due to the sheer amount of literary massacre appearing on my laptop!  Check out the screenshot of the post below, and feel free to read my rebuttal here.  I decided to post this on my site, as I know my comments would be removed from Facebook at some point.

I used to think that the art of typing was awesome until the word “you” became “u” and people found that to be acceptable. I used to think Australia was a nation of amazingly wonderful people (and still do); however, as a fan of the actor and recording artist Meat Loaf, have found some of the citizens of your fair country to be quite disrespectful and downright rude considering the comments surrounding his performance at the Australian Football League Grand Finale four years ago!  Some people are ruthless and just won’t let go.  Disney said it best…  “Let It Go!

Now…I am going to address the author of this less than intelligent Internet post directly for a bit – feel free to read along kids.  This is going to be good!

Let’s be real shall we, I am not stupid by any means. I know the honest score here. There are many Australians who believe that the Australian Football League should pay Australian performing acts to perform at the event (not entertainers from other countries), and I am going to mark you up in this category based on your comment “till u came to my country….”  By this statement alone, you have illustrated that you are a nationalist with an ax to grind against bringing in a foreign national to perform for the people of your country. 
You made the comment that Meat Loaf only sang half of it…what do you mean? Are you implying that Meat Loaf did not sing the entire performance? I am watching the performance in question while I type this. The first song is “Whatever Happened To Saturday Night (Hot Patootie)” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is a song from a movie/play and Meat Loaf has performed this song as part of the movie production and as part of the esteemed stage production of the show at The Roxy in Los Angeles. The song (if performed correctly) should be performed half singing and half shouting, as the character singing the song is literally trying to run away from another character in the show that is trying to kill him. Meat Loaf did perform this song correctly.
The second song in the set is the legendary song You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night) that was most likely added as it is an audience participation anthem. During the parts where it was appropriate, Meat Loaf was singing. However, Meat Loaf did yell at the audience to encourage them to participate along with the song. This has been part of the live performances of this song since the original Bat Out Of Hell album was released and Meat Loaf began singing this song live in front of audiences. 
Meat Loaf Australian Football League Grande Finale Promo Photo

Meat Loaf Australian Football League Grande Finale Promo Photo

The third song of the set was the record breaking, international smash hit and Grammy Award winning Jim Steinman composition I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That). The version of the song on the album clocks in at 12:01 on the album, 5:23 on the radio cut…but it could be said that the Australian Football League should have been more courteous to an esteemed legendary entertainer than to hire him to do a performance for their elite event, then expect him to cut down this behemoth of a song to a couple of minute snippet of a legendary pop music classic.

The finale of Mr. Loaf’s performance was the cult classic Wagnerian Rock Opera and birth tune of the big man, with the big voice, who has big hits called Marvin Lee AdayBat Out Of Hell. Again, no fault other than the careful editing of this song at the hands of the Australian Football League’s time constraints.
There is a rousing encore of the coda of All Revved Up With No Place To Go.
My last comment to you young lady is this…the only part of your post that really holds any validity is “super bowel” as you are clearly a trouble making woman with absolutely no clue as to what she is speaking about who is speaking out of her ass. The event you are referring to is the Super Bowl, which should be capitalized as it is a copy written term owned by the National Football League.
As for chewing gum – I challenge you to find a performance in any of the many archives of Meat Loaf’s performing career where he does not have gum in his mouth to help keep his mouth moist while he sings.

Finally, you owe all of us who read your post a huge apology ma’am. You come to Meat Loaf”s Facebook demanding a legendary artist of cult fame for respect by do not have the common courtesy to do a simple spell check and review of your abysmal slaughter of basic grammar skills. How dare you? You are the epitome of what is wrong with the Internet. I hope you are proud of yourself for illustrating to the 1.2+ million fans of this artist that you are careless and sloppy enough to troll on an event four years on and not even give the common courtesy to express your concerns and regrets over the performance by typing in proper sentence structure. Your illiteracy speaks volumes about you as a person.

Congratulations for your fuckery ma’am.  Well played making yourself out to be a complete moron in front of millions.  I hope you are proud of yourself and take your national pride to new levels. 

Still Riding The #TeamiPhone Train

Back of the iPhone 6 Gold

My journey to the world of cell phone usage was not a smooth one.  I was in the individual who fought tooth and nail to not get a cell phone.  Believe it or not, there was a time in my life where I battled to remain “off the grid” at all cost.

Back of the iPhone 6 Gold

Back of the iPhone 6 Gold – The design of this phone is sleek, sexy, and sophisticated.

I started my mobile communication journey with a Motorola Egg, progressed through a few RIM Blackberry devices, and then finally landed on the iPhone bandwagon when the iPhone 4S was released.   If you know me, I use the hell out of any electronic devices that come my way.  It just happens that inevitably I use and abuse all technology I have access to.  It is in my nature.  I got my White iPhone 4S in August of 2011, and have owned the same device since that time!  For me to have an electronic device last that long is a miracle by every stretch of the imagination.

After years of use and abuse…the 4S finally gave up the ghost and it was time to upgrade.  I went to my local AT&T store, played around with literally every device they had hooked up, and nothing felt as professional and stable as the iPhone – both in form, function, and usability.  I moved around the screens of the multiple Droid and Windows Mobile devices they had on display, and as a power user of technology…everything that was not iOS did not stack up.  Years ago, a software designer and network administrator friend of mine mentioned they believed that Windows Vista felt “Mickey Mouse” and amateurish as far as the interface goes….that they wanted an operating system that felt substantive, robust, and professional.  I had flashbacks to this conversation when I explored the animated whizzbangs on the Droid devices and the tiles of hell on the Windows Mobile devices.

I am not apologetic in saying that I should be diagnosed with Communication Addition Disorder.  I love to reach out and communicate with others, and no easier and mobile way than through a mobile device.  It is cute that Android Devices are so game friendly, but I want a powerhouse operating system designed for my mobile device to be a technologically safe and secure way to stay in contact with both friends and strangers alike.

I won’t go into the technical aspects of the iPhone 6 because this is simply not that type of blog, but I will say it was the only device that when in my hand felt worthy of ownership when exploring all options out there.  I did go with the iPhone 6 verses the iPhone 6+ 126gb based solely on size of the unit.   As much of a size queen as I am, the iPhone 6+ would take far too much lube to insert into my daily life, and I am just not ready for that much prep work every day of my life.  I also went with the Gold iPhone 6 because…well…Gold is the new White in iPhone world and I will let you figure that one out on your own.

These are just a few reasons I chose to remain #TeamiPhone…what kind of phone do you have and why?  Leave me some comments below.  I am always curious as to why people go with the type of technology they choose.

Ohio Minimum Wage Increase – A Case Study In How Government Has Devalued The Workforce


I posted all of this over on Facebook the other day (link), but wanted to preserve this here as well…


Okay, I am going to be snarky as hell here for a minute…. The Minimum Wage just went up in the state of Ohio by $0.15 per hour….I am salary, but my salary is based on an average accumulate of an hourly wage. Therefore, by default…shouldn’t EVERYONE who is reliant upon an hourly wage be getting a raise today? If not, please explain how that is in any way shape or form acceptable?

By default, the State of Ohio has just devalued my worth within my corporate structure. I feel I should be permitted to put forth $0.15 less effort per hour forthwith.

I mean…I am really not “trying” to be an asshole about this…

I remember quite well trying to cope on 23-28 hours per week at minimum wage – I get the struggle. However, I also wrap my brain around the fact that minimum wage is a base level pay ra
te. I am intelligent enough to know if you raise the base and do not raise everything else….you have assisted the people at base level, but have also devalued everyone not at that base level pay rate.

I am not going to pretend to be intelligent enough to have the answer, but let’s just say the difference in compensation between the cashier at the gas station and the individual responsible for managing the store has been changed. We will eventually get to the point where taking on additional responsibility to warrant additional income is just not going to be worth the stress.

I know I do not have the answers to this one…the minimum wage is not working…but how do we fix it?  Have any ideas?  Feel free to leave your comments below.

Let’s open up the dialog here.

I Can’t Believe I Am Making Another Nash Grier Post

Nash Grier, homophic "Vine Star" kisses Canadian music artist, Shawn Menendes...pretty bold move for someone who throws around the word "FAG" so liberally.

Nash Grier, homophic “Vine Star” kisses Canadian music artist, Shawn Menendes…pretty bold move for someone who throws around the word “FAG” so liberally.

So, Nash Grier got called out for his homophobic Vine post several months back (see my post here).  Now, apparently, the kid has a movie deal on the table (read more here), but the studio is extremely concerned regarding his history of homophobic slurs; therefore, he is on a PR bender to help clear his name.  Nash Grier has just published a letter in the Huffington Post Gay Voices column (which you can read here) that is nearly one of the most insulting things I have ever read that tried to play itself off as serious.

The simple truth of the matter is that Nash Grier is an evil person. There is a difference between an apology and being truly repentant at heart. If you truly wish to repent for your sins, you don’t harp on your accomplishments and toss even a portion of the blame off on others.

In the article, Nash Grier fully admits the faults of his past have hurt his bottom line today…this is where his apology comes from, not from being truly sorry for what harm he has done.

When this young man comes forward with a truly repentant heart, then we can open up a dialogue

Repentance is admitting fault and moving forward, not making excuses and blaming others for stirring up old flames. Admit it and suffer the consequences of your actions if this is really something that bothers you so bad. Man up and accept your blame without tossing off the problem that someone else re-posted something old.

I posted these thoughts on the NOH8 Campain’s Facebook page (see the post and comments here), and received the following reply from a user:

Read it again. He apologised sincerely from himself as well as for the repost. He has accepted it. You should to and move the fuck on. (sic)

My response to that is that I have read it three times now. I am not stupid. I am capable of formulating an adult reaction based on his words. He took ample time to avert the blame to others for bringing up a video he removed. Again, the line between repentance and apology is thin and in Nash Grier’s case….he is attention seeking and pandering for acceptance from the GLBT audience rather than issuing words that are truly apologetic and remorseful.

BTW, I will “move the fuck on” when I no longer live in America and have Freedom of Expression under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, which grants us the opportunity to say whatever we so chose, but does not defend us from the repercussions of our words. In Nash’s case, he has not done enough to even have gained an appreciation for his work.

Nash Grier is just a punk kid who is seeking to pander to a demographic and needs to grow up.  A real man repents a child apologies.

You, Nash Grier, are the only one to blame. Accept that, then come to the table and talk.

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

Hello all you happy campers…it is a couple of weeks until Christmas so I wanted to start my Christmas gifts to you all early!  My first gift to you is the public domain movie, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians from YouTube:

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is a 1964 science fiction film that regularly appears on lists of the worst films ever made. The movie was directed by Nicholas Webster, and it stars John Call as Santa Claus. It also includes an 8-year-old Pia Zadora playing the role of one of the Martian children and also marks the first documented appearance of Mrs. Claus in a motion picture, played by Doris Rich.

You can read much more about this movie on WikiPedia and IMDB.  You can purchase this high quality film on Blu-Ray from here.

Sit back and enjoy one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time!!!

The Library Is Open On Sunday

The library is open and you are about to be read…  

Amazon Social ButtonThe excitement over Amazon deliveries happening on Sundays and Holidays by the same damned people bitching about retail workers having to work on Thanksgiving.  Get real people…you can’t get all excited because your mail order items are delivered a day earlier and complain that you have to work during our national gluttony fest.

The American society pushed for a quicker and more fast paced way of life…and having to work through holidays and weekends is one of the prices we will have to pay for this.  You can’t have it both ways people.

So, remember to be very thankful when you receive your Christmas presents just a little earlier this year and remember there are United States Postal Service workers who are being taken away from their families at inconvenient times to help make your life easier.

I will now hop off my cross because Jesus needs the wood.  Happy Lord’s day and love each other.